Parking and Valet in Chicago

Parking in the Chicago area is difficult and stressful to find compared to other cities around the area.  Metered parking will have you coming back all night and you risk getting a ticket.  If you park in the wrong spot, you may even risk being towed.

Valet in Chicago is an issue many times as well.  If you need to park, we recommend reserving your spot.  You get discounted rates and your spot will be ready when you arrive.  No driving around for hours!

Park Whiz

Guaranteed parking with better rates!  We have found this to be the best pre-pay parking around.
Get your guaranteed parking
Spot Hero

You can find and book parking from anywhere, at a discounted rate.  Go to to get your $5, and it only takes a few seconds.  Plus, you can refer your friends and they will get $5 for their spot.


VIP recommends using our Lyft code if you do not have transportation throughout the night.  Lyft codes will give you $20.00 off your first ride if you are a new customer, or up to $50.00 in Lyft credits.  If you already are a customer, give the code to someone in your group.  If you use Uber in the downtown are (from hotel to venue) you likely would get your ride free.  Share it among the friends in your group, and you may ride free all night.  Lyft cars can hold up to 6 passengers.  Drivers are always nearby so you will be picked up in minutes!


Download the app on your phone; enter the promo code “vipchicago”

Need Airport Parking?

Reserve ahead and save some money.

Airport Parking

Options are always available for limos and buses as well.  VIP offers the best rates and vehicles.