All Inclusive Packages

 Our packages are designed to give you the most for your money.

VIP Clubbing in Chicago

Bright lights, lavish clubs, photo-shoots.

Want in? We’ll get you in.

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Tax and Gratuity

All all-inclusive packages include tax and gratuity. Packages that include clubs include tax and gratuity for the everything except bartenders or servers.  It is important that you and your group practice good tipping in Chicago clubs.  Please ask your guests to bring plenty of tipping money if attending clubs.

Payments & Deposits
Deposits are due at the time of booking. All final payments must be made 10 days before the event date.  Deposits and refunds are non-refundable and in most cases paid out to your selected venues or transportation.

Individual payments make it easy so that the host does not need to collect from each person attending.  However, if someone makes a payment but cannot attend, we are unable to refund.

Party Hosts
They’re cute, fun and free!

Party Hosts are available during your event at no cost. If you need assistance, (s)he is just a phone call away. Your itinerary will have your party hosts information listed. The party host is not going to be with you throughout the night, unless indicated on your package and you paid additional for a private host. Yes, we know they are cute and fun, but other parties need them too!

Party hosts can help with things such as:

  • General questions or concerns
  • Event emergencies or issues
  • Lost itineraries
  • Letting a venue know you will be late
  • Locating your transportation

VIP Party Hosts MAY NOT hang out with your group all night… Sorry ladies! We do not want to intrude on your memory making. We do offer the option of having a host stay with your group throughout the event for an additional fee. Simply ask your planner.

Refunds & Cancellations
  VI p Bachelorete takes care of all the details.  When setting up your event, we prepay all venues and guarantee certain numbers based on what your group plans.

For these reasons, the following terms are enforced.

  • There are no refunds for this event once payment is made. All reservations and tickets are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded for any reason. 
  • If you are asked to leave a venue for any reason, there are no refunds. Venues have the right to refuse entry for those intoxicated, abusive or not in dress code. 

Let’s have fun ladies, remember, you are celebrating someone’s night out.

Package Changes

For hotels, follow the link below.   This has the best prices and many of the hotels on here also allow cancellations without a fee. In addition, many allow you to book with no credit card which is helpful especially when you are planning and working with different people. 

While searching that link, hotels that are in the following areas are close to everything:

River north

Magnificent Mile (Mag Mile)

Near North

Chicago Downtown

Dress Codes
What a great time to dress up!

Dress codes at Chicago clubs and Chicago bars vary from location to location, but MUST be followed. Doormen have the final say as to who is let in. If they feel someone is underdressed they may turn your group away and there is nothing we can do. Here are some helpful VIP Bachelorette tips to obey the dress codes:

Forget the flip flops, those are for the beach. But you can do nice flats if heels aren’t your thing. Think of how you would dress up not how you would go grocery shopping.

Ripped jeans are for shopping days.

Stay away from hats; you will have to take them off anyway. You can always figure out some fun ways to style your hair!

Come on ladies, it’s a big night! Think heels, dresses, stylish pants and blouses. Don’t forget all the photos that will be taken! If in doubt, look up the venue(s) online to get a detailed list of dress codes.

Nightclubs and Getting In
Patience is a virtue!

Door men at clubs do not have an easy job. They are dealing with fake ids, intoxicated guests and people screaming at them. Do not begin yelling, demanding or talking all at once. This will only make your wait longer and possibly get you turned away. The door person has the best interest of the club in mind.  Additionally, some clubs will only allow people in who fit their brand.  We cannot guarantee you will get in if your group does not follow the guidelines or fit their standards.

The person who booked the party with VIP Bachelorette selected the package and venue.  We only make recommendations based on the guest of honors preference.  It is your group’s responsibility to decide if your group will fit the nightclubs standards.

 Remember, the door hosts have final say as to who they allow entry to. If anyone in your group is rude, angry, or even over served, they can deny entry to your whole group. If for any reason you are turned away at the door, lead the girls to the next bar or club and shrug it off.  Your VIP Host will assist you in putting your group on the list at another venue.  Remember, the reservations are under the guest of honor’s name.

What is the difference between a Male Revue Show and The Naughty Cabaret
The best way to decide is to see which one would be a better fit for your group. Here’s the difference:

Naughty Little Cabaret- This is an on stage performance with dancers, Divas, comedy etc. No touching, no going out to the audience etc. It has it’s sexy moments but only on stage and more performance based.

Bad Boys Live – Formerly Dreamboys- Think Chippendales or Magic Mike. The guys are strippers and they perform on stage but them go out into the crowd and interact. Some women love it, some don’t. the guys won’t be aggressive if the girl says no but it does get a bit crazy.


When Should You Book
To ensure the package and venue you are choosing has availability, you should book as soon as you decide on a package. Once you book, we hold that package, price and date for you. We will then email you a deposit link, once the deposit has been made, we will put your reservations and tickets on hold. We cannot hold any reservations without a deposit and acceptance of the package terms.

Once you decide on a package and have chosen your clubs and/ or restaurants; please email the following:

1. Guest of honors name
2. Date of Event
3. Contact number for the night of the event
5. Your package choice(s)
6. A Photo of the Bride to Be or several for the week of shout out on socail media

Booking Information

A PDF regarding how to boook  is available.  Feel free to download this for more information by clicking on the sassy little dress