Parking, Valet and Getting Around in Chicago

Parking and Valet in Chicago

Parking in the Chicago area is difficult and stressful to find compared to other cities around the area.  Metered parking will have you coming back all night and you risk getting a ticket.  If you park in the wrong spot, you may even risk being towed.

Valet in Chicago is an issue many times as well.  If you need to park, we recommend reserving your spot.  You get discounted rates and your spot will be ready when you arrive.  No driving around for hours!

Park Whiz

Guaranteed parking with better rates!  We have found this to be the best pre-pay parking around.
Get your guaranteed parking
Spot Hero

You can find and book parking from anywhere, at a discounted rate.  Go to to get your $5, and it only takes a few seconds.  Plus, you can refer your friends and they will get $5 for their spot.


VIP recommends using our Lyft code if you do not have transportation throughout the night.  Lyft codes will give you $20.00 off your first ride if you are a new customer, or up to $50.00 in Lyft credits.  If you already are a customer, give the code to someone in your group.  If you use Uber in the downtown are (from hotel to venue) you likely would get your ride free.  Share it among the friends in your group, and you may ride free all night.  Lyft cars can hold up to 6 passengers.  Drivers are always nearby so you will be picked up in minutes!


Download the app on your phone; enter the promo code “vipchicago”

Need Airport Parking?

Reserve ahead and save some money.

Airport Parking

Options are always available for limos and buses as well.  VIP offers the best rates and vehicles.





Chicago VIP Clubbing Guide

Chicago VIP Clubbing Guide

Are you VIP Clubbing in Chicago?

VIP Bachelorette has been making reservations and working with nightclubs in Chicago for 15 years.  We are  proud to say that we rarely have issues arise the night of our client’s events. However, when there are over 25 of our parties out in Chicago every Saturday night, issues may arise.  While these instances are few and far between, they do occur and everyone should be prepared for them. Remember that VIP Bachelorette is here to assist our groups with issues but some things may simply be out of our control.  Whether you booked with VIP or any venue directly, you will still have the same experience with the person at the door. Every club and venue is different and each have their standards and rules.  A doorman may be new and therefore confused about the guest list or the name on the list may have been misspelled.  Please be patient and positive, your guest of honor is looking forward to a fabulous night. Here are a few tips when clubbing in Chicago:

  • Dress Codes –  What a great time to dress up!
    Dress codes at Chicago clubs and Chicago bars vary from location to location, but MUST be followed. Doormen have the final say as to who is let in. If they feel someone is under-dressed they may turn your group away. Forget the flip flops, those are for the beach. But you can do nice flats if heels aren’t your thing. Ripped jeans are for shopping days and finally, stay away from hats; you will have to take them off anyway.Come on ladies, it’s a big night! Think heels, dresses, stylish pants and blouses. Don’t forget all the photos that will be taken! If in doubt, look up the venue(s) online to get a detailed list of dress codes.
  • At the Door Patience is a virtue!
    Door men at clubs do not have an easy job. They are dealing with fake ids, intoxicated guests and people screaming at them. Do not begin yelling, demanding or talking all at once. This will only make your wait longer and possibly get you turned away. The door person has the best interest of the club in mind.  Additionally, some clubs will only allow people in who fit their brand.or standard.  When selecting nightclubs, it is important to consider whether your group is a good fit for a nightclub.
  • Tipping – Tip well, or die of thirst!
    Bring plenty of dollars for tips. Bartenders are more likely to serve those who are tippers as opposed to the person who does not.  In a nightclub where it is really busy, tipping is one way to get great service and better drinks.. You should plan on tipping your bartender a minimum of $1 per drink, or between 18% and 20% of your total end-of-the-night tab. In the end, you might be saving money, as bartenders will often take care of good tippers with the occasional free shot or drink. In addition, they will probably serve you a lot faster the next time around because they will remember you! Don’t be rude…this will only get you water downed drinks, if they even serve you again.

VIP Clubbing

Free Bachelorette Party Games

Free Bachelorette Party Games

Every bachelorette party should have fun games that can be played before or during the event.  It helps to  break the ice, get everyone talking and provide plenty of laughs while ensuring it is memorable.  We searched for the best free games on the web so here are the best Free Bachelorette Party Games

  • 21 Questions: Have the groom complete this list of questions and see how many correct the bride can get.
  • DIY Bachelorette Party Drink Spinner: Watch the bride spin to see if she gets a drink of water, wine, beer, shot, mixed drink, or champagne.
  • tud or Dud: Print out some pictures of celebrities and have the guests decide whether they’re studs or duds.
  • Fill Me In Game: 20 questions that have the guests fill in the missing word of the romantic songs.
  • What’s In Your Cell Phone: Each lady scores points for what she has in her cell phone, ranging from the most contacts to a dating app.
  • Stag & Hen | Free Download
  • A bachelorette party MUST, these Lingerie Shower Bingo Cards are a great activity to keep the bride tribe entertained while the bride-to-be is unwrapping gifts.

Wedding Wire also has a ton of free games.  check it out!


VIP Bachelorette Featured In Vigore Magazine

VIP Bachelorette Featured In Vigore Magazine

In 2013, VIP Bachelorette was featured in  Chicago’s Vigore Magazine.  Vigore wanted to know what made VIP Bachelorette the largest and most respected bachelorette party planners in Chicago.  We were honored to have our CEO featured and speaking about what makes us so sassy!

Moms At a Bachelorette Party?

Moms At a Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette parties have grown in popularity over the last decades.  Gone are the days of strippers and wild nights.  Bachelorette parties can be mild, wild, unique, trendy, or even a simple dinner.  Bachelorette parties are about getting together, sharing past stories, and creating new memories.  Let’s face it, moms had a big role in the past, so perhaps the bride to be would like her included… or maybe not.

  • The decision to invite the mom(s) can make or break the event so play it safe and follow these tips:
  • It’s the bride-to-be’s night out. It’s her celebration. Consider how she would feel either way.
  • If the bride to be and her mother are inseparable and extremely close, the bride may be hurt if you did not invite her.
  • If the bachelorette party involves things that will make the mom uncomfortable, it is probably not a good idea.
  • If you decide to invite the mother of the bride, you should also include the groom’s mother.   Not inviting her could hurt some or all of the family, not to mention cause drama.
  • If the bride-to-be has mentioned she does not want her there, enough said.  Don’t do it.


The decision is definitely not easy, however, following the above tips may help.  If you’re stuck, compromise; include the mom(s) in part of the festivities.  If the bachelorette party is starting off at a restaurant for dinner, have the mom(s) join for dinner.  Not only will you make the mom(s) happy, but the bride to be will feel you really tried to make her night perfect!  After dinner, ensure the mom(s) are taken back home safely and continue on with the bachelorette party.

In 2010, out of 642 bachelorette parties planned by VIP Bachelorette, forty-one (that we know of) had mom(s) at the bachelorette party.  Of those forty-one, eight of those were actually planned by the mom.  Our party hosts have even mentioned that they have seen the moms dancing on the bars!  Hey, moms are fun too!