The ultimate girls’ night out is the bachelorette party. As such, a group of women might spend a considerable amount of time trying to make this important evening come off without a hitch. Some things you have to do in order to prepare are pretty self-explanatory. Others, you might miss. Here are some tips to make the “obvious” prep seamless and the non-so-obvious plain so that you don’t forget anything as you’re getting ready for your night out.

Set the Mood

While your bachelorette party may include an evening on the town, many times, these occasions start at home or a hotel room that you’ve rented especially for this purpose. The party gets off on the right foot if you set the mood in the venue. Setting the mood begins before the guests arrive. Your invitations should include visuals that tell the guests about the party’s theme. For example, if the bride has chosen an Alice in Wonderland theme, then the invitation could be a paper teacup or a replica of the Hatter’s hat. The venue itself should also support this theme, and in the case of a costume party, the guests should adhere to the theme as well.

Do Your Prep Before You Leave

If the bridal party decides to head out to enjoy cocktails somewhere, then you’ll want to give everyone the chance to get ready for your night out. If it’s going to be a long night, meaning a party at home first and then, drinks and dancing, then make room in the bathroom/s for the guests to get ready ahead of time. Don’t try to get ready in the car or limo. Driving is not a right— it’s a privilege. For the sake of others on the road, yourself, your makeup, and your ‘do, it’s best to do the personal grooming in a safer and more secure environment. The safest and most practical option is to beautify yourself using a mirror that’s bigger than a compact rather than the mirror in your car. Doing this allows everyone to look their best and to concentrate on the road when it’s time to do so.

Choose a DD (Designated Driver)

Don’t leave this important role to chance. Choose your designated driver before heading out for the night. That way, there are no misunderstandings about who is supposed to do what. Nor are their hard feelings if a person expected to be able to try the bubbly and now can’t because she is driving. If you really feel like you don’t want anyone at the party to have to worry about this, then call an Uber or hire a limo for the night just to be safe.

The bachelorette party is the ultimate girls’ party. It’s an excuse to get a bunch of best friends together and celebrate one of life’s big milestones. The key to making this party memorable (in a good way) is to plan everything ahead of time, including who will drive everyone around and where everyone will get ready before heading out on the town.