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The Hottest Girls Night In

The Hottest Girls Night In

The Party

Your Pure Consultant will arrive about 45 mins before the start of the presentation to set up all the fun goodies. Then your girls will enjoy a 30min-1hr presentation (depending on your schedule) of lingerie, lotions, and toys. Your girls get to touch, taste and sample the products which they cannot do at their local adult store. Pure Romance products are very high quality (intimate creams are ph-balanced and all products use pharmaceutical grade ingredients).  During the presentation your consultant will dish out the latest tips and tricks that will help the bride keep the romance alive long after the honeymoon. Also, guests get plenty of advice on how to spice up their love lives too! Whether you are single or in a couple there is something for everyone.  Check out this link to view the products:

After the Presentation

Each guest will be taken into a separate room individually so they can purchase their goodies in private.  Most Pure Romance consultants carry inventory so guests go home with their goodies that night in a discreet black bag.

What’s in it for the Bride/Guest of Honor

Guests don’t have to worry about getting her the perfect naughty gift — at the party, she will get the products she really wants!

*The guest of honor earns $10 in credit for every $100 in product purchased by the guests.  The more guests treat themselves to these amazing products then the more free products the bride will receive.

*Guest of honor also earns up to 40% off her entire purchase

* Also, guests can purchase bridal bucks/beads. 100% of money given for bridal bucks/beads goes directly to her shopping spree. Example: if you have 10 girls at the party who each buy beads/bucks for $10 each then the bride will earn an extra $100 toward her shopping spree!

Additional Information

No matter if the bride is a little shy or the life of the party she will surely love this fun and classy event. These parties are great as a pre-party for a night out or if your bride wants to keep the party indoors….this is the way to go.  Your consultant can tailor the presentation to your needs.

Check out this link to view the products:

Girlfriend Advice

  • NO men, children, women under 18 cannot be present
  • There is no cost for the party however, please inform your guests they will have the opportunity to shop for themselves or the Guest of Honor
  • Consultants are compensated for their time strictly by the sales of the party so please keep that in mind
  • Consultants can conduct parties in many types of locations ie. home, hotel etc as long as no prohibited guests are present
  • NO outside naughty gifts for the bride. Pure Romance carries a wide variety of fun goodies
  • Consultants typically accept cash or credit
  • Once your party is booked, you will also receive a gift from VIP Bachelorette for the Guest of Honor or host. Gift bag, ½ of boat rental (items vary)


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