In The Beginning

Honoring the bride before the wedding goes back for centuries, but in the 60’s, the sexual revolution brought about the bachelorette party. Bra-Burning feminists, drinking games and dancing on tables started it all.  Women wanted gender equality and what a way to start! However, bachelorette parties did not become very common until the late 80’s and even then was greatly frowned upon.  Even throughout the 90’s and beyond, notions of a bachelorette party as a night of strippers, liquor, and drunken mayhem persisted in much of society.

In 2003, VIP Bachelorette was founded from an idea that bachelorette parties needed to be seen as more than liquor and strippers.  CEO Angela Burdick thought it was important for women (and society as a whole) to know that bachelorette parties are not taboo.  They do not equate to “bad girls” but should be seen for what they are; a rite of passage, a time to celebrate friendships, share memories and bond with friends.  Thus, the concept of bachelorette party options and packages for every type of women was born.

Since 2003 VIP has been creating packages and creating memories.  Our popularity continues to grow and our clients continue to come back.  In 2003, VIP planned 46 bachelorette and girls night out parties and we were pretty impressed.  However, over the years these numbers continued to grow.  We must be doing something right because we are proud to say that in 2014, we planned a whopping 922 parties!

To date, we have planned 7,218 parties!

Yeah, we’re sassy!


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November 1, 2017

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