Before the wedding festivities comes the epic bachelorette night! If you’ve been tasked with planning the bachelorette party, you might be feeling overwhelmed and wondering how to pull off the perfect night. Take a deep breath and follow some simple steps to help you along the way. 

Make Plans for Every Stage

The last thing you want is for the guests, or the bride, to be bored during the night. The best way to avoid this is by planning something for every stage of the night. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to have an elaborate activity every second. You can think simply, such as having a quiz about the bride while you wait for your food at a restaurant. The more you have planned, the easier it will be to pull off the night. In fact, you might end up planning more than you need to and this is always better than having nothing prepared. As you plan, make sure you get input from the bride so you can make her night exactly what she wants it to be. 

Delegate Planning

Planning the bachelorette party is not something that needs to be squarely on your shoulders. As you begin planning, involve some of the other bridesmaids and delegate. Delegating is an especially good idea for the more monotonous elements of the party. For example, you can have someone else purchase the food from a list you give them or you can ask one of the other bridesmaids to be in charge of making reservations. Having others to help you can lighten your load and make sure the night goes off without a hitch. There are more people to pick up any slack and help you keep everything on track.   

Create Back-Up Plans

The unfortunate part of planning anything is that things don’t always go as you want them. This is why it’s essential for you to have a back-up plan or two. There are many unforeseen circumstances you might encounter. It could be storming on the day of the party or one of your reservations might fall through. People might drop out last minute or there could just be an activity that the bride doesn’t want to do. Having back-up plans means you can still deliver an epic night of celebration for the bride. If you are going out for a bachelorette party, you should make sure you research the area and see what sorts of activities you could do without having a reservation. It’s also a good idea to find activities that won’t be a major cost for all the guests. 

Travel in Style

This night is all about making the bride feel special, so you should travel in style! Many bachelorette parties will opt for more expensive travel accommodations that can fit the whole party. Limos are especially common for bachelorette parties because they make the night feel special and you don’t have to worry about extra vehicles. However, if you would rather have several cars, you could consider renting out some luxury cars or you could jazz up your own cars. You can decorate your cars and make it clear to everyone you drive by that you’re out for a night of fun. If you choose to decorate any vehicles, take precautions. Car paint protection is a film that prevents damage from sap, rocks, debris and other objects. Taking measures such as this can ensure that any damage to someone’s care doesn’t ruin the night. 

Make Reservations

One of the most important parts of planning is making the reservations. If you want to do certain activities, eat at certain restaurants, or stay at certain hotels, you need to plan this in advance and make reservations. This is why it’s important to get started on planning early. If you start a week before, you likely won’t be able to make many reservations. Additionally, you should confirm your reservations before the day of the party. This is especially important if you made the reservations months ago. 

Confirm Your Guest List

The guest list is an important part of planning for a bachelorette party. You want to make sure you include everyone the bride wants there, while also avoiding anyone who doesn’t want to attend. You also walk a fine line between meeting the bride’s needs and avoiding ruffling anyone else’s feathers. You should talk to the bride about her expectations for who to invite to the bachelorette party. Once you’ve made the guest list, you should make sure to confirm it several times before the night of the party. Having a head count can help you finish up your planning and have an idea of what the night will look like. 

Communicate with the Guests

There can be a lot of elements in a bachelorette party and you shouldn’t keep the details to yourself. It’s important that you communicate with all the guests before and during the party. Let them know what sorts of activities to look forward to and anything they might need to bring or provide. For example, if an activity requires people to get wet, then they should know that beforehand. Additionally, if it is lasting more than one night, everyone should know to bring an overnight bag. Along with the plans for the night, you should also let everyone know of the cost and if they are expected to contribute

Be Wary of the Cost

While bachelorette parties can be lots of fun, the cost can be a barrier. As you plan, you should consider the financial aspects and how it will impact everyone. You don’t want to plan an elaborate party and then expect all the guests to shell out a bunch of money. You want to be fair to everyone’s financial situation and you should also be fair to yours. Bachelorette parties can cost a lot, so don’t underestimate the price. If necessary, scale back your plans. 

The bachelorette party is a fabulous prelude to the wedding. It’s a chance to let loose and celebrate the bride before her big day. A lot goes into the planning, but make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself.  

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