You’re ready for an exciting wedding weekend in Chicago, and you want everything to flow smoothly. Maybe you’re the bride or maybe you’re one of the bridesmaids helping your best friend out. You’ve left your car at home and want to try something out of the norm while you’re getting from place to place getting everything ready for the wedding. Thankfully, Chicago has a number of ways for you to get around while you enjoy your stay. Here are just a few of them.

Taxi or Rideshare Car

The pros and cons of conventional taxi service versus Uber or Lyft are still being weighed. Getting from point A to point B doesn’t need to be a headache. Pull up the app for rideshare or call a regular cab or use the cab company’s app if they have one. Specifics vary from city to city, and Chicago is no different. Choosing one service over the other is often a personal preference. If that’s the case, your problem is non-existent. According to Transportation Plus, the cost may differ due to surge rates, and most taxis and rideshare companies require a credit card. Tips might need to be paid with a credit card, too. Check with the service to make sure their requirements work for you.

Public Transport

Chicago, like most big cities, offers citizens and visitors public transportation in the form of trains, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and buses. Many people in the city thrive on these forms of transportation. According to Chicago on the Cheap, these options are generally less expensive than renting a car service and are a perfect opportunity for people watching. Any of these services is bound to give you more of a real feel of Chicago. Some people say that you are either a bus person or a train person. Why not be both?


One fun way to get around town is by scooter. Chicago is one of the cities that has taken to the idea of renting scooters at various spots around town. Electric scooter companies have set up spots throughout the downtown area where you can rent a scooter one place and return it at another. Many scooter companies rent by the minute. In addition to scooters, some electric scooter companies also rent electric bikes. You need to know what you’re doing, though. According to Viles & Beckman, most major electric scooter companies have policies that make riders agree to a liability waiver.

Having choices can be a good thing. Let part of your fun-filled wedding weekend in Chicago be trying out the variety of transportation options available. You might find you want to put your own car away for good.