When you’re planning a bachelorette party you want to make sure that you put together the kind of event that the bride will love. This means that every bachelorette party has the potential to be an amazing time that is different from any party before it. It can be stressful to have this party planning assignment on your shoulders, but you have the tools you need to create an awesome event that the bride will remember forever. 

Create Your Itinerary 

The first step of any bachelorette party is figuring out what you are going to do for the night. Sometimes you may want to plan several stops so the party can keep moving and changing throughout the night. In other cases, staying with just one or two activities will be the exact right fit. Take time to think about how you want the party to flow and what kinds of things you think everyone will appreciate. When you have planned that out, you can put together a party that will be memorable and fun for everyone. 

Get Transportation 

If you are going to be traveling at all, you need to make sure that you have a plan for transportation. If you are having a destination bachelorette party, then the transportation may need to include a flight to the location. Then you just need to focus on how you will get to the party and move from place to place. Having transportation planned out in advance will ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable throughout the party. You can rent luxury vehicles, use your own cars, or even hire a chauffeur or call a rideshare. The most important thing is just that you have a plan for transportation, so you don’t get stranded. 

Buy Drinks 

No bachelorette party is complete without at least a few drinks. One fun way to tackle the problem of drinks is to come up with a signature cocktail for the bachelorette party. That will make the drink process simple since you won’t need to make more than one thing. It’s important that you choose something that the bride will love. It’s also a good idea to have some nonalcoholic beverages available in case any of the guests don’t drink or aren’t feeling it on the night of the party. Providing water as well will help to make the next morning a little easier on everyone. 

Make Food 

The food is another important aspect of any bachelorette party. Sometimes you may want to go out to eat, but eating in can create an intimate feeling that allows all the guests and the bride to bond with each other. It’s easier to create many awesome finger foods rather than a fancy sit down meal. But you don’t want the more casual feel to bring down the party. That’s why you want to add style and flair with the food and the way you serve it. For example, bamboo skewers add a level of detail to your presentation that will impress your guests. 

Know the Bride 

The bride is the most important part of any bachelorette party, so it is important that you know what she likes and what she wants from her party. Talk to her about her expectations, the style she is interested in and various elements that she might enjoy. Then you can take that knowledge and use it to create a party that she actually loves. This doesn’t mean that you have to ruin the surprise though. Just make sure you gather a lot of information so that you can create something that will surprise her without having to potentially put together a party that the bride won’t enjoy. Different people have different vibes that they want for their bachelorette and it’s important that you match it up to the bride. 

Choose the Space 

You need to choose a venue to host the party. This doesn’t have to be complicated; you just want to choose a space that will meet the needs of the party. If you are away, a hotel room could be a great place for a party, and a home can work well as well. Another option is going to a club or doing a bar crawl. You really just want to choose a location (or locations) that suit the vibe you are going for. The right location can set the tone for the party and ensure that everyone has a good time. 

Be Flexible 

It is always hard to deal with changes when you have spent so much time planning out an event. But it is important to know that changes are likely to happen and to plan flexibility into the party so you can go with the flow and keep things fun no matter what happens. There may be some elements of the party that are non negotiable, but other things are less set in stone and it’s important that you give yourself room to adjust if things don’t go exactly as planned. If you are flexible and calm, the bride will never know that something went wrong, and she will be able to simply enjoy her party. 

Invite the Guests 

You can’t have a successful bachelorette without having some great guests that the bride loves spending time with. Depending on the kind of party you are planning, you may have various levels of guest lists involved. Some parties are huge and extensive with tons of invitees while others are smaller and more intimate. Either type of party (or anything in between) can be a huge success if you plan it correctly. If you want to go the extra mile, send physical invitations to build up even more anticipation. 

A bachelorette party should be a fun time for the whole group, and it shouldn’t be a stressful situation. If you plan it right from the start, you can create something really great. Get started on your planning so you can create an amazing experience for the whole party.

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