VIP Clubbing

VIP Clubbing

Bright Night Lights. Hot Dance Clubs. Big Celebrities. Don’t wait in line. Chicago clubbing with all the perks starting at $25 a person. (more…)

The Ultimate Naughty Night Out

The Ultimate Naughty Night Out

The Naughty Night Out

Looking for something big and sexy this Saturday night? You’re in luck! The Comedy Bar’s latest variety show is so big, so sexy, the only logical conclusion was to call it was “The Big Sexy Show”. A fun n’ sassy mix of stand-up (featuring some of the funniest up-and-coming comics in Chicago), burlesque and a plethora of variety acts, The Big Sexy Show is a great way to spend a night out with friends — and the best new way to check out the city’s only downtown comedy club. Produced by “The World’s Most Naked Woman” and Burlesque Superstar, Michelle L’Amour.

Your package includes the show and clubs before and after the show!

Feeling really Naughty?  Add The Bad Boys Live Show for $5 more and see two shows!

It’s fun to be Naughty


  • No cover,
    Express entry
    Round of drinks

Trophy Room

  • Arrive between 8-9pm
  • No Cover
  • Round of Shots

Lite Night Club

• No cover,
• Express entry
• First round of shots
• Must arrive by midnight

Bad Boys Live Show

  • General Admission
  • Reserved Seating if arrival is by 7:45pm

The Big Sexy Show

  • Admission to the show
  • Reserved Seating
  • Arrive at 10:30 for seating
  • Show begins at 11pm

Girlfriend Advice

  • Five person minimum
  • Deposit -150 
  • All final counts and payments must be in 10 days before the event
  • Package available Saturday nights only

Show Info

  • March 24th-October- Saturdays Only
  • These venues may change. We will notify all groups that are scheduled with any changes.
  • The Big Sexy is 11pm-12am
  • Bad Boys Live is from 8pm-10pm
Cruise, Cocktails & Karaoke

Cruise, Cocktails & Karaoke

Boat -2-hour private pontoon boat on the Chicago River. No captain needed as someone in your group is the driver.  Cruise the Chicago River as you see Chicago a different way.

During your two-hour excursion, you and your group are free to cruise the Chicago River, enjoying the breeze while you take in the beauty of the city all around you. Relax or play your favorite music. Because pontoons are easy to drive, you won’t need a captain; you’ll have the boat all to yourselves to relax or live it up. You can bring your own drinks and food, and the boats are Bluetooth compatible, so you can set your own playlist

Brandos Speakeasy– 343 S Dearborn, Chicago, IL 
Karaoke, dancing, and the best speakeasy in Chicago. Two rooms of fun. Get your Guest of Honor on stage or the group can sing together

• No cover,
• Express entry
• Round of shots
•Bottle of Champagne or Moscato

El Hefe, 15 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60654-  Must arrive before 10:30pm
upscale nightclub with a unique mix of style, luxury and state-of-the-art technology. … With a massive dance floor, 9 bars, and 4 boutique lounges on two separate floors

• No cover,
• Express entry
• Table reservations
•Bottle of Champagne- Bottle of Vodka with all mixers (red bull not included)-Bottle of fireball or Don Julio


Girlfriend Advice: 

  • Eight (8) person minimum (12) max
  • Club selections must be in when deposit is made
  • Deposit $250 
  • All final counts and payments must be in 10 days before the event
  • March 24th-October
  • A minimum of $150 gratuity will be charged the night of the event at El-Hefe or you can prepay when you book

Under $175 a person

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