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Hey ladies VIP is offering a great deal for this weekend! For March 31st you will recieve 4 clubs on Rush and Division for $15. These clubs are McFaddens, Detention, Leg Room, and Funk!

Hello Ladies,Every 2nd Saturday of the month VIP is offering a Bridal Bingo Package with Kiss Spa! It includes:Free entry to Velvet Rope LoungeFemale impersonationBingo cards and 2 Clubs of your choosing! Call 847-288-9398 for more details!The next one is April 14th!

Hello, here is a quote to go with your beautiful day."How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."-Anne Frank

VIP CEO and Founder Angela Burdick has this to say about VIPs women:"We want to portray women as powerful"

"I remember in fifth grade I was worrying about my weight and now I'm in ninth grade and I'm still worrying about my weight" -Taken from Miss Representation. You can find more information and trailors at

Celebrating Women

Women's History Month has got me thinking a lot about women in the media. How many times a day do women think they are fat? I know I have twice today. I just want to day that you are beautiful! Just the way you are.

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.~ Margaret Sanger ~VIP is celebrating National Women's Month!

Who inspires you? I'm inspired by Cammi Granato. Cammi was the captain of the US women's hockey team. She has won 4 olympic medals and is a perfect example of the power of women.

Hello everyone! Here's a great quote at a prime time in your day!"A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world." - Lois Wyse

In the beginning God created Adam...then he had a better idea!Celebrate Women's History Month!

For Women's history month VIP wants to remember Amelia Earhart. Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. She then tried to fly around the world! Her plane was lost and knowone knows what happened to her!All women should raise their glasses to...

VIP Celebrates Women's History Month!Modern dance isn't anything except one thing in my mind: the freedom of women in America.Martha Graham, choreographer, 1946

Preparty at the JoyntExcalibur male Revue:One Last FlingAppetizer buffet2 drink ticketsBottle of Champagne Sound barNo Cover VIP Express Entry4 Drink ticketsSpybarNo Cover VIP Express EntryRound of Drinks30.00 a person!!! (Only for new clients)

VIP Bachelorette Loves this drink! You should try it!Sex On The Beach 1 oz. vodka 3/4 oz. peach schnapps 1/2 full cranberry juice 1/2 full pineapple juice stir in highball glass You can taste it at any of the clubs we work with!!

VIP Bachelorette just added a new blog! Check out and get to know our very own ROB!

Still looking to book your Bachelorette or Birthday Party?VIP’s Special Weekend Offer…VIP Pre-Party (Saturdays Only) (Hosted at the Joynt – 650 N Dearborn)VIP Express EntryRound of Shots1st Martini for the Bride or Birthday girlGift Bag for the Bride or Birthday...

Quote of the day! Happy Valentines Day!Leave it once it will be left forever... Get it once it'll be yours forever... It's nothing but LOVE! LOVE only once and you'll be loved forever. Happy Valentine's Day!-anonymous

Looking to spice up your bachelorette party? Give your bride something she will never forget by having a themed party. Dress up as cops and robbers. Or Masquerade. Be outrageous and original with a theme. VIP has supplies you can choose from to stick out from the crowd!

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