Questions Darling? All the FAQ's about our VIP Bachelorette Party and services
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Questions Darling?

Questions Darling?

What are "Sassy Specials"?


Read all the most common questions about our VIP Bachelorette Parties services in Chicago. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.


Sassy Specials are carefully designed by our staff.  These packages include many extra perks and are made to be affordable.   These packages also allow your group to pay individually.

Sassy Specials cannot be modified.  The venues are pre-selected and if transportation is included. please keep in mind that it is shared by other parties however, those packages include a party host that stays with you until the last stop.  The host plays games on the bus, has contests among the groups and takes photos.

Sassy Specials

  • Pre-selected venues and destinations (makes it easy on the person booking)
  • Priced affordably
  • Groups can pay individually
  • Select Sassy Specials include a party host throughout the event

The best thing about Sassy Specials is that you can still enjoy some of our most popular but they are bundled with other venues/services to gove you the most for your money.

  • The Dreamboys
  • The Naughty Little Cabaret
  • Boats
  • Dinners

Get your Sassy On!

What is the pre-party?

All parties who book a package with VIP Bachelorette are given the option to attend our VIP Bachelorette Pre-Party Event; A complimentary service that you may add to your VIP night out! You are not required to attend, but it is an added bonus if you and your friends want to start the night off on the right foot. This is also a great meeting place for your group.  Sassy Specials that include transportation meet here as well.  When you attend you will receive

  • Entrance to the pre-party venue (this changes)
  • First Drink for the Guest of Honor
  • Round of Shots for the Group
  • Photo Shoot for the Group (First come first serve)
  • A chance to meet some of the VIP Staff
  • Games and Giveaways throughout the pre-party

The pre-party runs March-October and the venue does change but is always downtown Chicago.

It’s Classy, it’s sassy, it’s VIP!

How do I book a package?


Once you decide on a package, we begin setting up your event. A contract and deposit is required to begin. Your deposit will be due once your contract is returned. Tickets sell fast so we are unable to hold any tickets or reservations unless the contract is returned and the deposit has been made.

While we are awaiting your contract, we will hold your tickets or reservations for 48 hours. Because of the high demand of many of our packages, we must release tickets or reservations if the contract is not received.

Example: You would like to book dinner at Kit Kat Club. We will check the availability with Kit Kat to ensure your date and time is available. If available, we will send you the documents.  Kit Kat will hold that reservation for the amount of people requested. Once we receive your documents, we notify Kit Kat, and your reservations will be confirmed. This means those seats will not be sold to another group. However, if we do not receive your documents, Kit Kat will release your reservations and your time and date will risk being sold.

Remember, Kit Kat is booking tables and we have up to four (4) planners in the office working with other clients who may need that time and date.

VIP understands that you are coordinating with many people.  For this reason, most of our packages have a final payment date of eight (8) days before the event.  This gives you (the host) and your group plenty of time to get their payments in.

Deposits and Payments


Deposit Amount

About 75% of our packages require a two (2)-person deposit.  For example, if your package is $50 a person, your deposit would be $100.

Other packages may require a flat fee deposit. For example, a limo that cost $600 may require a deposit of $100

Tickets for some shows may require a deposit for the exact number of people to ensure all seats are held and your group is seated together.  For example: If you book a package with a show, clubs, and transportation, we may require the ticket price of the show as a deposit for each person. Package Price $80 a person- $25 a person deposit.

Final Payments

Final count and payment are due no later than eight (8) days before your event for most packages. This means that all payments from your guests must be in by noon at that time so that we may confirm your reservations for the correct amount of people.

What happens if not all payments are in by the due date?

It is important to have payments and counts in by the due date.  This is when we finalize your reservations.  We cannot guarantee additional seats or reservations will be available after that date.  This is particularly important for transportation.  If you have 12 payments in for a package that has a limo, we will book a 12-passenger limo. If additional people decide to make a payment after the limo is booked, we cannot guarantee a larger limo.

At VIP, we give you plenty of time to get payments in, because we know you would rather focus on the big night!

We coordinate all the payments as they come in. simply check with your planner periodically to see who has paid.


Transportation- Limos and Busses

Some of our packages come with transportation.   please note the minimums when choosing those packages.

Buses- The Marilyn Monroe option come with a standard front faced seated bus with 7 hours of private service.  The time starts when the bus arrives to pick you up. you may bring liquor and drinks on board but please bring a garbage bag to dispose of trash before your event is over.  Excessive garbage can incur clean up fees.  In addition, damage and clean up fees can be applied for vomiting, breaking items etc.

VIP Bachelorette Standard with Marilyn Monroe Packages

Standard Front Faced Seating


Standard with Marilyn Monroe Package

Shuttle Bus -Shuttle or Sassy Specials

Limos- The Audrey Hepburn package comes with a limo.    The time starts when the limo arrives to pick you up. you may bring liquor and drinks on board but please bring a garbage bag to dispose of trash before your event is over.  Excessive garbage can incur clean up fees.  In addition, damage and clean up fees can be applied for vomiting, breaking items etc.  Limo types and sizes vary.  VIP offers stretch limos, hummers, sprinters, etc.   Normally the type of limo depends on how many people in your group.  VIP offers many transportation options.

Please check out our limo photos on our packages page under Limos/buses for all photos

Stretch Limo


Mercedes Benz Limo Bus

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